There's No Teardrops On Her Guitar

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Meet Megan. She's one of Class of 2017's finest in South Carolina. She has it all; the brains, the blonde hair, the Southern belle charm; she can even play guitar. In my opinion though, she's way cuter than T-Swift! (Sorry, Taylor).

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The location of this shoot pretty much chose itself. The Southernmost parts of the U.S. have a plethora of wispy, sun-kissed fields, rundown barns, and seasonal foliage. I asked Megan what kind of "look" she wanted for her shoot and she said, "Well, I love the Southern vibes. So, I was thinking of an open field around sunset. Can I bring my guitar, too?" I was down for all of it.

And, just a side note: I think it's fitting that she works at Chick-fil-A. Don't you agree? I mean, come on! Look at that face! Of course we all love CFA, but who wouldn't order chicken nuggets from her?! 


Megan enjoys singing and playing guitar (obvs). After graduation, she plans to attend a local technical college in her area to begin core classes. Her career plans include becoming an elementary school teacher while doing mission work on the side.

Clearly, Megan has a heart to serve others in her community, and that makes us kindred spirits!

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Congratulations, Class of 2017! You (almost) did it!