Goodnight, Moon.

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Jake and Amy Taylor aren’t exactly a newly engaged couple but they ARE newlyweds! They did not have engagement or wedding photos so I was thrilled to be able to do this for them!


Going on two years, Jake + Amy are currently transforming their marriage.Jake has committed to a year-long faith-based recovery program. During this temporary separation, Amy has been pursuing her passion to encourage other women to embrace their beauty by apprenticing at a hair salon.

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She said, “I know what it feels like to not think you’re beautiful. Hair and makeup, sure, that’s not real beauty. When I create beautiful hair for women who needed to land that interview though, it brings my heart so much joy. I get to listen to their praises or troubles, while also encouraging them and styling their outward appearances.”

It was my joy and privilege to capture their rekindled love for each other as they begin this new chapter in their marriage. This is why I love photography and the stories behind the individuals. It's what gives my job a purpose. It's more than purpose; it's passion.  


Not to mention, I have always been blessed with easy-going, fun-loving clients. These two were no exception.


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