Her Wings Exist

The title of this blogpost is completely intentional. Meet Heather. Before she became "unplugged," her social media name was featherbethday, and I thought it was the cutest social media account name ever! Then, it got me thinking of that quote by Anita Sams.


"Let me be as a feather; strong with purpose yet light at heart, able to bend. And, though I might become frayed, able to pull myself together again." 


That is exactly how I would describe Heather and maybe that's why she loves the word "feather."
I don't know. I didn't ask. When I was photographing her though, I truly believe I was capturing the soul of a feather


Heather has one of those golden hearts. She has been working in Atlanta with prostitutes and other women who are being sex-trafficked. She is a graduate of Toccoa Falls College where she found a deeper understanding of those who are in need of much more than just clothes and food; they're in need of love.


"Every time I would drop them back off on the street, it would break my heart into pieces. I knew where they were going, what they were going to be doing, and I could only pray that they would know that there is always another path. I made sure that during my little bit of time with them that they knew the offer would always stand to get off the street. Their sweet faces and personalities still haunt me because I know that some of them I will never see again.
I care for them so deeply."


On a separate topic: OH MY GOODNESS. I can easily say Heather is the only person I have photographed so far that should have pursued a career in modeling. Don't get me wrong, I have photographed tons of pretty people, but she totally fits the profile. If an agency finds this blogpost, seriously, you'd be a poor salesman not to email her at the very least.


I mean, just LOOK AT HER. What the heck?! No one should be this stunning!!!


Heather and I are kindred spirits and needless to say we planned another time to hang out after this photo shoot! We're going kayaking in June. I love it when my business relationships turn into friendships. My "job" is a dream come true. I use quotations there because as that saying goes: you'll never work a day in your life if you pursue what you love. Sure, I'm a professional photographer, but more than that I am a people person. I am a relationship builder. And as that other song/saying goes, "You've got a friend in me." ;)


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Locations: Mugs on Milton, Alpharetta, GA
Model: Heather Day