Lovely Lydia in Alaska

Photographing Lydia's bridal shoot in Alaska was... to say the least... an entire DREAM come true.


Somehow, in such a short amount of time, we connected with many local Alaskan wedding industry professionals (videographer, cake designer, make up + hair artist, AND a wedding planner), a calligraphist from Australia, a florist from Wisconsin, and a bride from Georgia - and we pulled it ALL together!


A huge shoutout goes to HoneyBook + The Rising Tide Society for connecting artists and professionals in pleasant and safe ways all for the sake of our clients. If that isn't #communityovercompetition then I don't know what is!

If Lydia's ethereal bridal portrait session has you feeling some type of way (like it does me!), then click here for the full shoot's gallery!

Photography: TribbleShoot Photography
Videography: Frame by Frame Productions
Hair + Make up Stylist: Nina @ AK Beauty Bar
Styling Details by: A Touch of Saige Events (Wedding Planner)
Florals + Designer: 622 Press
Calligraphy Suite: Little Duck Calligraphy
Cake Designer: Dena @ Edible Art

Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Venue: Hatcher Pass Lodge, Talkeetna Mountains