Why Millennial Brides Need Wedding Planners

Michael + Emily at  Neverland Farms , Cleveland, GA. Photo by  TribbleShoot Photography.

Did the title offend you, or intrigue you? I hope you understand where I'm coming from and find this blog post useful. From one millennial bride to another - or ANY bride - this is why you need a wedding planner.

These DIY, millennial, "I'll-ask-my-cousin's-ex-boyfriend's-aunt-in-law's-mom-to-photograph-my-wedding" brides are killing the industry. And heaven-forbid they hire a wedding planner.

You read that right. #SorryNotSorry, but I am as a frugal as the next bride. I'm a millennial, 22 to be exact, and I got married at the age of 21, just a little over seven months ago. As soon as I was engaged, I was on those Pinterest boards too, pinning my evenings away, trying to find time to DIY my wedding, work full-time, and finish school. I didn't want to swipe that David's Bridal credit card for a dress I'd wear once, and I definitely didn't want to hire a wedding planner.

I didn't want to rent cabins for my family, buy florals (do you know how expensive flowers are?!), pay for a venue, rent tuxes, hire a DJ, photographers (and I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER), videographers, or The Knot's most recommended cake designer in my area. I didn't want to have a nearly $25k wedding, but then I realized something. I was focusing too much on the cost instead of the pricelessness. I knew deep down I didn't want a random backyard wedding (I'm not bashing backyard weddings... I just didn't have a cute backyard), or skimp out on the most important day of my life because of a little thing we call money.

Why I hired a Wedding Planner + Who I Recommend 

Like I said, I was still in (photography) school and working full-time when my now-husband proposed. We were engaged in July of 2016 and tentatively planning to get married in December 2016. I had always wanted a fall wedding, but I wasn't expecting his proposal. I knew there was NO WAY I could pull off an October wedding at that point. My birthday and Christmas also fall in December, so hey, it's already my favorite month, why not throw a wedding in there? :) That being said... I WAS STRESSED. I was trying to balance school, work, date nights with my new fiancé, bridal showers, wedding showers, wedding details, researching the cost of an average American wedding, endless emails... this list is probably stressing you out just by reading it. I told my now-husband, Brantley, “There is no way we can pull this off! There is so much to do!”


Copperwire Weddings + Events saved my wedding (and my sanity).

Carrie, owner and designer of Copperwire Weddings + Events, reached out to me shortly after I announced my engagement. She was right on time considering how overwhelmed I was feeling. She proposed a coffee date wedding consultation (I'll always say yes to free coffee), which my numbers-driven fiancé, surprisingly, agreed to attend with me. After the meeting and hearing about the areas we hadn't considered, all of which Carrie had expertise in, it was clear we were in over our heads and needed her services.

The only reason I was open to meeting with her (aside from her being a lifelong friend) was because one of my married bridesmaids said, “Jordan, if I had to do it over again, I would have hired a wedding planner. I was so busy making tea in my wedding dress that on my way out to the aisle, I forgot to put on my earrings! You need Copper Wire’s services!”


Needless to say, Carrie’s invitation, especially after our coffee date, was welcomed as part of our planning. Carrie was extremely thorough, communicative, timely, and artistically talented throughout our entire wedding process. She designed all of our center pieces, bouquets, and even the boutineers! I was so impressed!


We wanted our theme to be "rustic winter woodlands", but not too "rustic country." We are adventurous hikers, but not Southern enough for "all lace + burlap," if you're picking up what I'm throwing down. I went with the color palette of plum, navy blue, and some gold for our details. I also really wanted to incorporate pinecones, feathers, and succulents. I also didn't want to go anywhere near the colors red or green, because I was afraid it would quickly become a "Tacky Christmas Sweater" themed wedding. Although looking back... we may have all been a lot warmer that day. ;)


I wanted lights, and the venue didn't have many lights, so Carrie strung them up herself. As you can see from a few of these photos, she captured the vision for my only wedding perfectly. Everything was beautiful and in place. It was everything Brantley and I both had pictured and desired. She even designed this CAKE TREE STAND out of a real tree! #TalkAboutTalent #Swoon


Because of her efforts, I did not decorate a single thing. I did not worry about a single thing. I was not making sweet tea in my wedding dress. I was not speaking with a florist or worried over whether or not the cake would be delivered on my wedding day. In fact, the day before my wedding, I had a spa day.

I also expressed to her that I didn't want any of my family members to have to do anything, or stress over anything. Needless to say, they did not. If anything went wrong, we sure didn’t know about it. All of her passion in planning our day carefully allotted more time to spend with loved ones who had traveled so far to be with us that weekend.


Copper Wire Weddings + Events literally turned our little wedding into an unforgettable wedding we never could have planned ourselves. From one bride to another: INVEST in a wedding planner… but more importantly, invest in Copper Wire! Our seemingly small wedding turned into my dream wedding without even trying. I was completely blown away, and I will always be grateful for Carrie’s investment of time, love, and care put into planning our beautiful day. She has a glowing passion for in-love couples, and THAT is what distinguishes her from other planners.


If you still don't believe me, then watch our wedding video here and you'll see for yourself just how magical it was. I can't give all of the credit to Copperwire Weddings + Events because I had an incredible team that pulled my wedding together for me beautifully, but she (Carrie) was the star of the show (aside from me). ;)

And if you still don't believe in the value of a wedding planner, then hear this: I am a professional wedding photographer, and I hired my wedding planner first. I put value in my planner, and then the photos. Seriously... not the dress, the food, or the DJ. Your wedding planner shouldn't be your maid of honor, and your wedding will run more smoothly if it isn't.

Venue: Sautee Mountain Retreat
Dinner Rehearsal Venue: Bernie's Restaurant at the Sautee-Nacoochee Guest House
Wedding Planner: Copperwire Weddings + Events
Bridal Dress + Accessories: David's Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Photography: Portraits by Kali
Videography: MWest Photographic Collective
Cake Designer: Cakes by Anna
Hair + Make up Artist: Rachelle Coker