Bruce Willis And Beetles

To any brides out there looking for wedding inspiration,

I have to preface this blog post: this styled engagement shoot is themed around the movie, Moonrise Kingdom, by the ever-so-talented Wes Anderson. If you don't know who he is, then shame on you. If you haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom and you have Netflix, then I'm shaking my head right now. We were all once sheltered though, I suppose. ;) I made it easy for you by linking the movie here. Proceed.

Now, I am not Wes Anderson, and I didn't come anywhere close to capturing his cleverly-crafted color scheme from Moonrise Kingdom. He's known for that, by the way, so if you're even the slightest bit of an artist, you will love any of his films. Even if you're not an artist, if you love Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, and Harvey Keital, among other famous actors/actresses... all in one movie surrounding a coming-of-age of two adventurous, rebellious teenagers in the 1960s, then... watch it. 

I will also say that this themed shoot was not my idea. My dear friend, Carrie of Copperwire Weddings + Events, was inspired by Anderson's film and somehow her creative mind saw the potential of creating a styled engagement shoot around the color palette of the film. That being said, I do not usually shoot in these hues, tones, bold yellows and reds, but if you watch the film you will understand. You'll also understand New Penzance Island, the binoculars, the books, the letters, the lanterns, the cake, the basket (minus the kitten), the map, the record player, the beetle earrings, the tee-pee arbor... among other touches eloquently paired by the talented Carrie. I watched the movie with her, skeptically, but at the end I said, "yes, I want to be a part of this."

Are you intrigued yet? I promise, you'll love it if you just give it a chance. And by that, I mean more than the first 15 minutes. 

What's amazing about all of this is that these two models are actually engaged, soon-to-be-married in October 2017, at this very lakeside location where the themed engagement session took place. Those are actually letters written by Emily, the props and decorations are mostly theirs, and the blankets that make an appearance throughout this shoot have been everywhere with them since they started dating.


Another thing I loved about this shoot is the mountain that you see making in appearance in some of the photos. It is Yonah Mountain in Cleveland, GA, where Zach proposed to Emily, and their wedding venue, Southwind Terrace, overlooks this sentimental spot.


Although I don't think those beetle earrings will become trendy anytime soon, Emily is the fourth bride I've photographed in the last three months that has purchased the trendy Marcella Low Block heels from Target as her wedding shoes. Click here to see how one of my brides dressed hers up with feathers. You're welcome. :)

Moonrise Kingdom-83.jpg

To be fair, I don't think smoke bombs were popular in the 1960s, let alone even considered as a prop for weddings or engagement shoots... but that didn't stop us. Quite frankly, if Wes Anderson were ever to find this blog post, I believe he'd think the smoke bomb addition was awesome.


Here's to happy couples, old souls, antiques, fireflies, late summer nights, love, beautiful sunsets, memorable photographs, Wes Anderson, and an amazing team.

Venue + Antiques: Southwind Terrace, Cleveland, GA
Photography: TribbleShoot Photography
Mastermind of Styling: Copperwire Weddings + Events
Bouquet: Copperwire Weddings + Events
Hair + Make-up Artist: Makin' Faces by Danielle Burkhalter
Cake Designer: Sweetly Baked Cakes
Invitation Suite: 4lovepolkadots
Ring: Archer Jewelry
Blanket: Sackcloth & Ashes
Hand-dyed silk ribbons: The White Glove Boutique 
Bridal Shoes: Target
Tulle Skirt: Amazon
Men's Shoes: Johnston & Murphy