Our "First Look."  We're newlyweds, too! We went on our first unofficial date on February 3rd, 2016. We met at Waffle House at midnight after a concert, managed to go hiking near Helen, GA the very next day, and the rest is history. We married on December 10th, 2016.   Photo: Portraits by Kali .

Jordan’s journey with photography began at the age of fifteen when she was first diagnosed with a rare parasitic disease in her left eye. How many one-eyed professional photographers do you know? Probably not very many, but now you know one! During photography school, Jordan was named Student Photographer of the Year in the State of Georgia by the Georgia Professional Photographer's Association (2015), but she didn't realize that photographing weddings (with her one eye) would take her all over the United States... and beyond.

When Jordan lost her physical vision, she gained a metaphorical vision for her life, and photography found her in the middle of her medical journey, enduring sleepless nights and physical suffering. This life experience enables her to effortlessly capture minute details that would otherwise go unnoticed to other photographers. She captures in-love couples naturally, and says, “Come as you are: beautifully and wonderfully messy.” She wants to not only know you well, but know your story well.

You've come to the right place if your papers have coffee stains, your mind is filled with endless creative ideas, and you still have faith in people and authenticity. Everyone's story is worth celebrating and capturing. What's yours?